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Dec 29, 2022

As the Star Warriors escape Imperial rule into a mysterious field of derelict spacecraft, Sean returns to the podcast to escape 2022 with us into the mysterious field of derelict spacecraft that is 2023! Along the way, we're talking about proto-Borgs, scrambled comic panels, and non-secret love triangles. 

Dec 23, 2022

It's a special holiday treat! The good folks (and personal Star Friends) over at After the Credits had Sam and Brian on for a blowout episode about Andor, which you can also listen to right here in this very feed! Be sure to check out more from After the Credits at After the Credits (

Are we just out for...

Dec 15, 2022

As Luke and Tanith Shire find themselves marooned and captured by the Serpent Masters, Brian and Sam find themselves captured by Nate Tapp's charms, as he returns to the podcast to talk with us about Andor as a whole, his comic book focused curriculum, and the joyful sight of a dude in Stormtrooper armor riding a flying...

Dec 1, 2022

As Luke navigates out of the Friendzone and into a conspiracy cooked up by Darth Vader and Admiral Griff, Eric Wheeler navigates back to the podcast to talk with us about the joys of newspaper comic strips, Hayao Miyazaki's disappointing son, the unexpected horniness of Fondor Shipyard's Supply Tug pilot, and which...