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Aug 30, 2018

As Luke and Leia find themselves stranded aboard a mysterious spaceship located an unfathomable distance outside of their own galaxy, Jack Stovold (The Apecast, Jack's Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, Reopening the Wormhole) finds himself stranded with Sam and Brian for a discussion of...

Aug 25, 2018

As Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader descend into the Crystal Valley for a final showdown, Jack Stovold (Reopening the Wormhole, The Apecast) joins up with us to weigh in on the hot new Resistance trailer (YES!), to debate whether R2-D2 is force-sensitive, to reminisce on all the landings of the Millenium Falcon...

Aug 18, 2018

As Domina Tagge maneuvers the Dark Lord of the Sith and Luke Skywalker towards a Crystal Valley showdown, Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole podcast) joins Sam and Brian to talk about O.J. Simpson footwear ads, blue cougars (blougars?), a daring rescue from Princess Leia and a bevy of listener e-Words.

Aug 9, 2018

As Luke Skywalker comes face to face with Darth Vader on the planet Monastery, Sam and Brian field Sean Davis (of After the Credits)'s questions about inclusivity in The First Order, delight in the outlandish speech of Darth Vader and do their best to cast the entire Tagge clan.

Aug 2, 2018

As Han Solo leads the Rebel fleet into a trap laid out by Silas Tagge, Sam and Brian welcome back Sean Davis (After the Credits) to dive headfirst into the recent Episode IX casting announcements, to examine the inherent weaknesses of the Tagge line and to discuss which film of the entire franchise is their favorite.