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Jan 25, 2018

As Han Solo’s pitiful band takes on high-hounds and Cloud-Riders, Jack Stovold joins Sam and Brian yet again to discuss the scantily-clad village girl Merri, Return to Oz creatures and an irate Star Wars fan from 1977’s Star Words. 

Jan 19, 2018

As the Millenium Falcon's crew gathers a ragtag band of spacers to protect a beleaguered village, Sam and Brian welcome Jack Stovold, of Reopening the Wormhole, The Apecast and Jack's Silly Little Friendly Neighborhood Star Trek Discovery Podcast, onto the show to discuss Jaxxon the green rabbit (who is definitely NOT...

Jan 11, 2018

As Han and Chewie depart Yavin 4 with their reward in tow, Sam and Brian weigh in on Crimson Jack and his band of pirates, the desolate planet that is Aduba-3 and an insect priest on a mission.

Jan 4, 2018

As the blue boys begin their attack run, Sam and Brian welcome Eric Ambler back to the podcast to wrap up the adaptation of Star Wars and to discuss Luke’s fiery brush with Death, their feelings on Chewbacca, and the soul-shattering thrill of the trench run.